Doing the right thing

  • Freedom of choice

    Staff are recruited to work in our manufacturing partners factories through standard methods. No-one is forced or bonded and we don't employ prison labour.

  • Safe, health & clean

    Each manufacturing partner provides safe and hygienic working conditions for our staff including Health & Safety Training and access to clean restrooms, drinking water and eating areas.

  • Child labour

    No child labour is used at any of our manufacturing facilities or their suppliers (such as raw material producers, printed packaging manufactureres and janitorial services).

  • Proper Pay

    All of our staff are paid a living wage with National Minimum Wage law implemented where applicable.

  • The Working Day

    Our factories operate 24 hours per day and use common shift working patterns. Planned overtime is available upon the request of the employee.

  • No Discrimination

    All staff have equal rights to training and role advancement; no discrimination is practised within any of our manufacturing partners.

  • Regular Employment

    We offer all staff regular employment in keeping with the labour and social security laws of the countries where our manufacturing partners are located.

  • Caring for our Staff

    Our staff are not subjected to any harsh or inhumane treatment through physical, mental or environmental means.

  • Keeping Tabs

    A Director of Barber Healthcare regularly inspects each manufacturing partner to ensure compliance and enhancements to our responsibilities as an ethical glove manufacturer are met.

For more information on our ethical responsibilities, or to find out how you can switch to an ethical glove manufacturerer today, email

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