Glove Plus Choice

The Glove Plus range of disposable examination gloves offers buyers and glove users a wide range of choice in high quality, high performance products:

Choice of Material:
With gloves available in all major material types; NR Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl, glove users will find a product within the Glove Plus range that’s ideal for their requirements.

Choice of Thickness:
The choice of material thickness has never been greater. With the introduction of ultra-thin Nitrile gloves such as Glove Plus Prime, glove users can now choose the level of thickness that’s right for their task.

Where there is a risk of contact with stronger, more aggressive chemicals, or where contact with blood or other body fluids is likely, glove users can opt for a glove made thicker whereas a glove user who is unlikely to come into contact with such risks or is simply using a glove for a short time period such as a dentist or body piercer, a thinner glove material will likely suffice.

Choice of Colour:
Colour is no longer just the preserve of the fashion conscious. Glove users are finding ever more ingenious uses for gloves in colours that stand out from the traditional.

Whether you are using two contrasting gloves as indicator gloves, or as departmental differentiators, the choice of glove colour is now yours.