Glove Plus Milkers 300

Glove Plus Milkers 300 Glove
Made for the Dairy Market
Aids Mastitis Detection
Reduces Bacteria Contamination
  • CE Mark
  • Single Use Only
  • AQL 0.65
  • No Latex
  • No Powder
  • Biohazard
  • Contact with Chemicals
  • Complies with EU Food Safety
  • Refer to your In House Data

Glove Plus Milkers 300 Black Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves

MILKERS 300 provide an extra length cuff for enhanced protection. Designed specifically for the dairy market, Milkers 300 nitrile gloves aid mastitis detection as well as help reduce bacterial contamination.

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Product Information

  • Type: Powder free & non-sterile
  • Material: Nitrile
  • Quality Standards: EN455 Parts 1 & 2
  • Further Certification: Manufactured in compliance with EU PPE Class III, ISO 16604b:2003 Viral Test Passed, EN420 Dexterity Test Passed Level 5.
  • Protein Content: 100% NR Latex free
  • Powder Content: Below 2mg/g glove
  • Features: Made for the Dairy Market, Aids Mastitis Detection, Reduces Bacteria Contamination
  • Colour: Black
  • Length (minimum): 295mm
  • Duration of Use (minutes): 120+
  • Contact with Chemicals: Yes
  • Contact with Blood Borne Pathogens: Yes
Glove Plus Milkers 300 Packshot
Product Code Size Link Code PIP Code Quantity
MN72300 Small N/A N/A 10x50
MN73300 Medium N/A N/A 10x50
MN74300 Large N/A N/A 10x50
MN75300 X. Large N/A N/A 10x50

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