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Glove Plus Milkers Black Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves

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The Ultimate Milking Glove Experience

The only matt black Nitrile examination glove designed to provide the performance you need to get the job done, Glove Plus Milkers are the glove of choice when high performance hand protection is required. Being manufactured from the most advanced nitrile material available, these gloves provide the glove user with high levels of sensitivity, comfort and protection against chemical splash and are ideal for use in a wide range of applications around the farm.

Medical Grade (EN455)

Great for use in ...

  • Agriculture

Chemical Protection

Milkers have been tested with a wide range of both specific and general chemicals and provide excellent levels of splash protection against a wide range of the chemicals tested.

In addition to the specific chemicals Milkers have been tested to, we have also been tested these gloves with Peracetic Acid 5% (the most common chemical found on-farm) and it’s good news!

Tests confirm that Milkers are a great barrier of protection against contact with Peracetic Acid (5%), with no breakthrough found in over 480 minutes – that’s over 8 hours – of constant use!

To provide the most accurate test results possible, these gloves have been tested to EN374 Part 3.

Does this glove have any other benefits?

Manufactured from nitrile, Milkers immediately benefit from 4 times the puncture resistance of latex gloves and are manufactured to a watertight AQL of 0.65 for ‘pinholes’ which ensures a lower instance of tearing and product failure.

A great aid to the detection of mastitis, the matt black colour of Milkers gloves clearly show the tell-tale signs and allows you to act quickly.

What about allergies?

Being made from nitrile, a man made material, Milkers are 100% NR Latex free which means there is no risk of Type 1 allergies and through the use of advanced processing technology, significantly reduces the risk of Type 4 chemical allergies. They are also powder free to help prevent general skin irritation during use.

Total hand comfort

Milkers provides the level of comfort you would expect from Barber Healthcare and is manufactured using the latest, super soft nitrile formulation. It is easy to wear and, being super soft, can be worn for long periods of time without causing hand fatigue. The glove is palm and finger textured for maximum grip and has passed the European Dexterity test (EN420) at the maximum level 5.

How are they packed?

Available in sizes X. Small (5-6) to X. Large (9-10) – size XXL coming soon – Milkers gloves are packed in dispensers of 100 gloves, 10 dispensers per carton.